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Ganbina Program Registration – How To Guide


Thank you for choosing Ganbina, we are excited to start working with you and/or your child in your selected programs. In order to complete registration correctly, please read and follow the below instructions:

Step 1. Select the program you want to register for by clicking Register Here
Step 2. A PowerForm window will open. Enter your name & email & click Begin Signing
Step 3. Please read the forms you are completing before you sign or initial.
Step 4. You must fill out any information in a RED box, that looks like this
Step 5. You must select only one option when you see a [Yes, No or N/A]:
Step 6. Make sure the information you put in is correct and up to date!  
Step 7. Attach any relevant documents using the attach links that will pop up & look like paperclips
Step 8. Once you have checked all information is correct and completed and you have signed the registration form, click FINISH  
Step 9. You can now choose to DOWNLOAD or PRINT a copy of your signed form for your records.  
Step 10. Ganbina will send a fully signed document once they have reviewed your form is correct!  

You are all done!  Ganbina will contact you within 10 business days of signing the registration forms to book an in-person meeting with you and/or the participant to discuss the program and its requirements.