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Over 80%
of Ganbina
complete their full
course activities

Ganbina Program Registration


Please find below a list of Ganbina programs that you are able to register for online if you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander only.

Ensure to read the How To Guide located here to instruct you on how to complete the forms prior to clicking on the links below.

Establishing relationships with participants and their families.

Preparing young children and their families for secondary school and its expectations.

Securing jobs of choice, further training for career advancement, long term career planning.

Consolidating career choices, traineeships or tertiary training, networking with potential employers.

  • Education Program (Year 7 – Year 12)

Helping children understand why education is important, exploring different career options, work experience opportunities, industry tours.

(This program requires parents and participants to sign up directly at our Ganbina office.)


If you are interested in any of the above programs or have any enquiries, please contact us on or 03 5821 7333