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Ganbina is seeking businesses and further education providers to exhibit at this year’s Career’s Night, one of the biggest events on the employment and further education calendar for Jobs4U2 participants.

Ganbina’s annual Careers Night is aimed at Year 10-12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who are enrolled in Ganbina’s Jobs4U2 Education, Employment and Training programs.

The event is a great opportunity for businesses of all industries and sizes, as well as further education providers, to get in front of the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees.

The night serves as a means of inspiring and exposing young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to the opportunities and careers that may be of interest to them, at an age when they are often starting to consider what they may like to do post secondary school.

At Ganbina we believe that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to further education and careers aspirations for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.

Some people aspire to careers that require a university degree, others prefer a more tactical education in TAFE or apprenticeships. Some want to become doctors, others want to become firefighters, teachers, mechanics, beauticians – the aspirations of our participants are as diverse as the community we serve.

In the past we have had a range of exhibitors from ASX-Listed businesses such as ANZ and Crown Resorts, to SMEs and local Shepparton businesses, large metropolitan universities and small community TAFEs. We have also had government service exhibitors such as the Defence Force, Ambulance Victoria and many more.

Many of our exhibitors come back to the Careers Night every year, as it’s a great opportunity for businesses who are looking to increase their cohort of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees or students.

We also encourage employers who have casual and part-time positions available to exhibit. Many of our youth are looking for part-time or casual employment that they can do while studying, either during secondary school or during further education. In particular, we are seeking major supermarket exhibitors that have both casual and part-time positions, as well as career job opportunities within their business to exhibit.

We have had many of our youth pick-up part-time, after-school jobs thanks to the exhibitors they have come across at the Careers Night. These smaller positions allow our youth to develop financial independence and money management skills. They are also often their first taste of the workforce and allows them to build workplace skills and their resume, without interrupting their education.

It is a fantastic night and we highly encourage any businesses or further education providers to get in touch about exhibiting if it is of interest.

In particular, feedback from our participants from last year’s Careers Night was that they would like to see more businesses that offer traineeships and apprenticeships, as well as more exhibitors in the construction industry.


DATE: Wednesday, May 1st 2024
TIME: 5:30-7:30pm
ADDRESS: Riverlinks Eastbank, 70 Welsford St Shepparton VIC 3630

Express your interest by emailing Ganbina’s Employment and Training Project Officer Dayna Seymour on or phone 0458 790 421 and ask to speak to Dayna.

Expressions of interest to exhibit close end of business Friday, April 19th 2024.