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Over 80%
of Ganbina
complete their full
course activities


How we do it


Ganbina’s one on one mentoring program is called ‘Jobs4U2.’  It is delivered by a team of trained mentors who support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children throughout their crucial formative years from five to 25 years old.


Elements of the program include:


Primary School Support (5-12 years)

Establishing relationships with young children and their families, private tuition & coaching.

Jobs Education (6-18 years)

Helping children understand why education is important, exploring different career options, work experience opportunities, industry tours.

Jobs Training (16-25 years)
Consolidating career choices, traineeships or tertiary training, networking with potential employers.

Jobs Employment (15+ years)
Securing jobs of choice, further training for career advancement, long term career planning.

Life Skills (5-25 years)

Leadership training, personal development coaching, professional driving tuition, Indigenous cultural education.

Scholarships (5-25 years)

Primary, secondary & tertiary scholarships, work-related expense grants.

Youth Achievement Awards (12-18 years)

Annual awards recognising individual achievements.