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“Ganbina ensures
that young people
have the right skills
and knowledge to get
jobs and get ahead in
the workforce.”

Employment partner

Actual Results

Ganbina is Australia’s most successful Indigenous school to work transition program which achieves outstanding results.


  • 80% of Ganbina participants complete their annual course activities.


  • 76% of Ganbina participants aged 25-34 are employed, versus 51% nationally.


  • Ganbina’s cost per participant is about half the average spend of similar organisations.


  • Every $1 invested in Ganbina creates $6.70 in social value.


Measurement and evaluation is an intrinsic part of Ganbina’s model so that we can provide tangible, independent evidence of the successful results of our programs; and evolve and extend them according to changing community needs.  

These evaluations include individual program assessments, community impact assessment reports and social return on investment reports.

Impact Assessment Report 2016

Measuring the value of Ganbina’s programs 2015

SROI Impact Statement 2012
SROI Report 2012

SROI Impact Statement 2009
SROI Report 2009