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“Results show that
Ganbina is really hitting
the mark in terms of
making positive, lasting
change in Indigenous

Philanthropic partner

Proven methodology

Ganbina’s unique methodology to empower young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to achieve their full potential has proven successful where others have failed. 


This is because we are the only organisation in Australia which mentors young people throughout their crucial development years.  This long term, sustained guidance supports them, every step of the way, to take full advantage of the wonderful education, training and career opportunities that are open to all Australians. 


Our methodology is a genuine ‘Hand Up’ rather than ‘Hand Out’ approach.  It is represented graphically by our logo of two hands reaching out to help one another, circled by the rising sun which symbolises the dawning of new opportunities in life.


Ganbina also works closely with our participants’ families, primary and secondary school teachers, vocational training organisations, universities, businesses and Indigenous groups.  These close partnerships enable us to create unique learning and development experiences for the children enrolled on our program.


Education Partners


Employment Partners