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“Ganbina pretty
much saved my life.
Without them, I would
have been going down the
wrong path entirely.”

Ganbina participant

Why we do it

It is a fact that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Australia are severely disadvantaged.

Many come from family backgrounds where long-term generational unemployment and welfare dependency are common.  As a result, most lack positive role models and the support they need to show them how to create a better future for themselves.

The facts are:

  • 43% of Indigenous first year primary school children have limited motor skills, poor social and communications skills or limited basic literacy and numeracy skills (vs 21% non-Indigenous children).


  • 38.5% of Indigenous children do not achieve Year 12 or its equivalent (vs. 13.6% non-Indigenous children).


  • 60% of Indigenous youth aged 17-24 are not engaged in post-school education, training or employment (vs. 25% non-Indigenous youth).


Ganbina empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to successfully overcome the disadvantages they face so that they can achieve their full potential and go to on to live fulfilling, independent lives.